The NDECPTA connects local families through learning and play to
foster growth at home and in our community.

What are members saying about NDECPTA?


Two years ago my husband and I relocated to Dallas after living in Nashville for over 10 years. Though we are both originally from Texas, we struggled to get plugged back in after being gone for so long. I ran into an old friend, Samantha, who told me about the PTA. Within the next month, two more moms told me they were also part of the PTA. I figured there must be some reason I keep hearing about this group, so I joined! My daughters (ages 5 and 18 mo) look forward to the play dates and we frequently run into other PTA moms around town. I look forward to the General Membership meetings, where we have phenomenal speakers and get to enjoy chatting with one another mom-to-mom (while our kids get to take part in an interactive kids program - FREE THIS YEAR AGAIN). Before I knew it scheduled Moms Nights turned into unscheduled Moms Nights, as I met more and more people and things happened more naturally. (And might I add that not only have moms and kids connected, but hubbys have connected too!) Without the PTA, I would probably still be lost in Dallas. I am glad to be found. - Kaleigh 

"Almost 5 years ago one of my friends told me about the NDECPTA. Her children were just about to age out, and I was about to have my first baby. I am so thankful that she introduced me to this wonderful group. My children and I have both made life long friends. We started as strangers, but after spending time each week at playgroup our friendships grew. We have shared every emotion as we navigate life together." - Samantha

"It all started while I was at Peter Pan Park with my little one, Henry (at that time around 18mths old) when a friendly face asked if I was part of the playgroup also playing at the park. I was not. The friendly lady and I talked for a bit about the group. As we began to part ways, we exchanged cell phone numbers so she could send me the link to join. Sure enough I went home and joined! Thank you Stacey for being that friendly face!  I could not have asked for a more kind gesture as to be invited to join a group whom I knew no one. Henry and I dove right in, finding our age group and started attending the weekly gatherings and I even joined the board. I am beyond grateful for the open hearts that have graciously included Henry and I in playdates, birthday parties and letting us love their newest additions to their families.  It has only been one year since we joined but we feel like part of the family!" - Elisa

"I love NDECPTA! My family moved to Dallas last summer and I didn’t know many people here. My neighbor told me about NDECPTA (thank you Alice!) and I signed up online that night. I showed up at someone’s home for a play group with my then 1.5 year old twins...then just kept showing up! My husband is very busy with medical school, so this group has been my saving grace! It has provided fun activities for my children every week, plus special events like the North Pole Express and Easter Egg Hunt. I feel like I know all the hot spots for kids around Dallas now. I personally have enjoyed the volunteer opportunities, like Genesis Women's Shelter breakfast and IRC apartment, and I've had a lot of fun on mom's nights out! We have made a lot of friends and I love running into other NDECPTA moms and children all over town. Joining this group has really made Dallas feel like home! Thank you NDECPTA!!!!" - Tori

"How has the NDECPTA changed my life? Opportunity! The NDECPTA has given my family not only friendships for me, my husband and my children, but opportunities to explore our city through events and happenings around town! The PTA has connected me with resources to enrich my children's educational and social growth through special interest events and playgroups. The Facebook page alone is an invaluable resource where you can ask any question, without guilt or judgement. We are all in this together, and having three young children definitely proves that it takes a village, and for that, I'm forever grateful for the NDECPTA." - Ashley

"One of the ways I've enjoyed getting connected with other members in the NDECPTA is through playgroups! It is so nice to be able to meet other members with little ones who are the same age as my daughters. Our weekly play dates have been a highlight to our calendar since we joined!" - Kristen

"Play dates like the Campbell Green Splash Pad make me happy to be a part of an organization like the NDECPTA! These little ones ran around and got their energy out and us moms stayed cool! There is always something like this going on every week. My son and I have gotten to do so many fun activities we never would have thought of without this group." - Emily


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